The Best Place to Work

For TIME magazine, Eros Hoagland created a photo essay where he attempted to portray Google as a place to work the way you work best. The first picture in the slide show, Be Yourself, perfectly exemplifies the freedom Google provides to their employees. The slide shows a Google employee surrounded by clusters of objects that presumably supply creativity and a sense of belonging. Not only does this slide show that Google wants their employees to be comfortable in their work environment, but also that there can be order in disorder. The employee’s workspace severely needs to be cleaned; however, the employee appears to be familiar with his environment. I would be willing to bet he knows everything that is in his workspace and exactly where it is located. More subtly, by stating in the description that Google provides a laid-back environment, Hoagload is portraying Google as an easy place to work. Forbes writer Karsten Strauss recently did an article called “How To Keep Employees Happy (And To Just Plain Keep Them)” where Strauss gave examples of how certain companies keep their employees happy. Strauss had this to say about Google

“Google, whose hiring protocol has been lauded as one of quirkiest and most challenging for prospective employees, has been known to offer luxurious benefits to those that make it through the company’s HR gauntlet. The company has been known to offer such perks as free, on-site haircuts; gyms with swim-in-place swimming pools (complete with lifeguards on duty); R&R tools like ping pong, foosball, billiards and video games; laundry and dry-cleaning facilities; on-site medical staff and, of course, the famous massages. Google gave employees 100,000 hours in subsidized massages in 2012.”

With perks like those who wouldn’t want to work at Google? Besides those amenities, Google will not stress out their employees with computer problems. In the second slide, Hoagland shows the company computer help desk where designated employees can repair your computer onsite. In two photos, Hoagland managed to paint Google as a stress-free work environment that every company should strive to emulate and left me with only one question. Is Google hiring Chemical Engineers?

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