Science: The Solution to Everything

In The Martian, a stranded astronaut, Mark Watney, must use his knowledge of botany, the NASA Mars Program, and chemistry to survive on Mars until a rescue team can come save him. Will NASA get the funding they need to save him? Will the rescue team arrive in time? Will he be able to survive on his own without enough provisions? All of these questions were present in my mind while I watched the movie. The movie attempts to portray itself as a science-heavy drama. Many references are made to science terms. He talks about producing water by sparking hydrogen gas in the presence of oxygen then mentions that he can get hydrogen gas from the hydrazine rocket fuel if he runs it over an iridium catalyst. All of these terms add to the credibility of the movie as scientific. If he had only said that he was going to make water from rocket fuel, the movie would have lost a significant amount of credibility. For The Martian, the credibility is in the details. The more details they used, the more credible the information seemed. Obviously the basis for the movie is science fiction; however, the writers used real science when they composed the script. My biggest complaint about the movie is how Watney survives in the beginning. Watney tells the audience that his best guess is that the antenna and blood sealed the hole in his suit allowing the inside of his suit to remain pressurized. I have a hard time believing that a nearly 170 times difference in pressure was sealed by just an antenna and blood. Aside from this small detail, I enjoyed the movie and would happily watch it again.

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