Stuck Between a Rock and a Tsunami

Kathryn Schulz’s “The Really Big One,” effectively explains the danger posed to the Northwest United States. When I started reading the article, I was drawn in by the narrative style at the beginning during the seismology conference. I was interested in the technical aspects of the article, but I wanted to hear what it was like to be in Japan during their large earthquake. I did not foresee the shift in direction towards the future. My initial assumption was that the article would focus on the earthquake and tsunami that horrifically destroyed parts of Japan. Little did I know an earthquake is due to hit the Northwest United States at a magnitude greater than o equal to the awful Japanese earthquake. As most Americans, I am not aware of many fault lines that could produce large earthquakes in the near future. The way Schulz explained tectonic plates and how they cause earthquakes was so simple that anyone could understand it. Without the technical aspect, the article would lose some credibility, and I personally would not have read the entire lengthy article. I wanted more facts about a topic I know nothing about so I continued reading. Human curiosity is a powerful thing, and it made me ignore the first half of game one of the World Series. Go Indians! However, the most memorable part was not the facts but the children. When I finished reading the article, all I could think about was the poor children that would not survive if the earthquake hit today. The children are left in a limbo, waiting for funding to build a new school in a safer area and hoping the earthquake doesn’t strike first.

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