Website Reflection

At the beginning of the semester, I was unsure how I felt about making my work publicly accessible. All of my writing up to this point had stayed within the confines of one classroom. A maximum of thirty-five people could read what I had written, and now I was expected to allow anyone with an internet connection to read what I write. Needless to say, I saw this as a daunting task.

Looking back on the semester, I have grown accustomed to writing for a public audience because of this website. At the beginning, it was tedious and painful writing in a manner acceptable for a public audience. Constantly worrying about what each individual person might think about my writing made the writing process take twice as long.

This semester has helped me to evolve and blossom as a writer. I have transformed from a timid high school student writing only for my teacher to an amateur blog writer. I now have a better understanding of rhetoric and it’s use in writing. I would not claim to be the best writer or that I have a complete understanding of every aspect of writing; however, I have made progress towards becoming a better writer. Writing for an electronic audience is just one step along my path toward becoming the best writer I can be, and this website allowed me to find my electronic writing voice. Progress is all I can ask for on my path to becoming a better writer, and this class has helped me become a more mature writer.